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February 8, 2011


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Our niece uses one now for continuous overnight feeds due to her mitochrondial condition and difficulty digesting food.

I think I mentioned that stepson had one for 6ish years. It was removed and sewed up about 5 years ago as it was no longer needed. Stepson will be 12 in March and had taken to telling nosy people that the scar is from a gunshot wound. LOL!


As I'm sure you know, my nephew has one. My good friend's youngest son has a G-tube as well. I think I helped keep her sane when a G-tube was first suggested to her by happily spouting off, "Oh, yeah, my nephew has a g-tube! It's been a lifesaver!" when everyone else was horrified by the prospect for her child. It's a shame that some people need them, but it's wonderful that we have them at our disposal. Not starving to death is generally desirable, yes? I know it's a foreign concept to so many people, but I really don't get the fuss. Oh no, a tube that feeds into the stomach. The horrors!


What if your kid asks about another kid? What should I say then? I was fortunate when my son asked about a little girl in a wheelchair, because his friend Justin's sister is in a wheelchair, so I had an answer ready, but I don't have one ready for that.

Bionic Baby Mama

shit. next thing i know you'll be telling me those oil change jokes weren't appropriate, either.


Thank you for this. Really. For saying it, for writing it, for breaking it down.

Hairy Farmer Family

Superb post! Will mentally file away in case needed; I'm sure I would have fallen into the 'too much info required on first meeting' pitfall, despite having been madly irritated by just that sort of thing myself...

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